We're on a mission to help people by helping their skin.

Our name translates to “to transform.” A word that perfectly describe our skincare philosophy that visible results come from renewing layers of the skin.

The EXUVIANCE® difference.

Not tested on animals

Prodew refills deep reserves of natural skin moisture know and NMF restoring a feeling of suppleness & comfort

Helps neutralise the effects of daily pollution and environmental damage from a potent Anti-Pollution Complex, including Antioxidant Lilac Cell Culture Extrac and PHA / Bionics 

Innovation – then, now, always

Exuviance Skin Care was created by the founding Dermatologist partners of the NeoStrata® Company Inc.

They discovered the anti-aging benefits of Glycolic Acid and created and patented the first Glycolic Peel. This innovative range contains only clinically proven ingredients, supported by independent, peer-reviewed scientific articles in major medical and cosmetic dermatology journals – the highest professional marker for any product.

Features botanical and anti-ageing ingredients

These ingredients exfoliate, moisturise and protect the skin for optimum skin health and youthful radiance.

"Exuviance products for sensitive skin (cleansing cream, facial water and moisturizers) were used to conduct a study involving 25 women suffering from acne, rosacea skin or atopic dermatitis. After 3 months of use twice a day, it was found that the products are well suited for skin suffering from acne, rosacea or atopic dermatitis. The study found that the effects on skin structure, dryness, irritability and redness (erythema) were significant. Participants whose skin had been clinically found to be sensitive tolerated products well."
Neostrata Inc.,
New Jersey